"Okala successfully completed a large-scale social, carbon and biodiversity monitoring programme over three years to evaluate the feasibility of transforming a 300,000 hectare logging concession into a sustainable landscape"
Sylvie Boldrini
Environment, Sustainability & Governance Manager in Timber Platform
Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ)
"Okala delivered high-quality biodiveristy accounting in just six months across the entire landscape. Their work will allow us to calculate the biodiversity value of the forest in preparation for issuing credits on the voluntary market"
Professor Katharine Abernethy
Professor in Tropical Ecology
"Okala has enabled me to understand and follow mammal populations across my farm, particularly deer species, and how these populations evolve over the year. This means I can react and adapt my ungulate regulations policy to maintain a healthy population while limiting their impact on my agricultural crops.
Christian Trouvé
Private Landowner

Advisory services and training

Portfolio level advisory services

Our experts design a monitoring strategy to meet your biodiversity compliance needs and certification requirements.

Provide biodiversity measurement and accounting methodologies for compliance and voluntary reporting
Review and recommend biodiversity indicators and metrics, assessing ecological relevance, data requirements and traceability
Ensure alignment of chosen biodiversity metrics with wider business and nature strategy
Advise on how data sources (e.g. wildlife videos, bioacoustic sound recordings) can go beyond reporting and support your marketing and communication
Project Level advisory services

Are you ready to monitor biodiversity impact on your project site? We can help you define your impact potential, identify biodiversity measures, and collect the appropriate ecological data

Feasability studies
Biodiversity impact assessments
Identify target species and taxonomic groups for the robust measurement of biodiversity change over time
Identify protected species within your project area
Develop bespoke survey designs for biodiversity MRV implementation
Design biodiversity surveys to comply with IFC PS6 and other standards
Corporate workshops and training

Would you like your team to better understand how biodiversity can fit into your nature strategy? We can provide in-person or online training on the following:

Core biodiversity concepts
Practicality of biodiversity MRV from project design to boardroom-level insights
Established and emerging environmental market trends

Biodiversity MRV - How it works

Okala designs high-integrity nature measurement and reporting projects that are robust, affordable and traceable. Our approach in six simple steps:
1 - Study Design

Our experts design a monitoring strategy to meet your biodiversity needs and certification requirements.

2 - Digital Field Assistant

Our Sense App helps you deploy and manage equipment and data collection in the field, ensuring you collect data of the highest quality

3 - Ground Work

Should you need it, we can deploy our field experts to manage and collect your biodiversity data

4 - Analytics Pipeline

We process your data using cutting-edge AI in a matter of days.

5 - Human in the loop

Our team of expert ecologists review AI outputs to ensure results meet the highest scientific standards. 

6 - Customised Outputs

We deliver accessible and actionable biodiversity insights, supported by auditable raw data.

Our AI in action
Legacy Analytics

Okala’s AI-led legacy data analytics service makes video / image and sound data processing and analytics cheaper, faster and more rigorous than manual analysis. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific data and analysis needs (e.g. distance or species distribution analyses).

Case studies

Biodiversity Research

Monitoring the distribution and behaviour of urban animals.

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Sustainable Forest Management

Three-year showcase project

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Indicator species monitoring

Tracking specific mammal species to better understand population dynamics

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Biodiversity MRV for nature crediting

Building a marketable carbon credit product integrating biodiversity

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