Accelerating the protection of nature by measuring and valuing ecosystems at scale

We help clients measure and report their biodiversity impact

Our international team of biodiversity scientists and field ecologists have designed and deployed biodiversity strategies globally. We design high-integrity nature measurement and reporting projects that are robust, affordable and traceable.

We collect the appropriate ecological data to inform a suite of ESG reporting requirements (e.g. , TNFD, IFC PS6, ESRS E4) or certification standards (e.g. Verra Nature Crediting Framework).

Our approach

"Okala measures biodiversity in a rigorous, scalable and accessible way. We overlap wildlife camera, eDNA and bioacoustic methodologies with known strengths to capture different and important aspects of biodiversity. We go far beyond counting species. This is our core offering and it is designed to give a holistic overview of biodiversity that can be used to support certification or ESG disclosure requirements"
Dr Robin Whytock, CEO and Head of Science

Why Okala?

Integration of industry-leading nature technology

- Wildlife cameras
- Bioacoustics
- Environmental DNA
- Remote sensing

Rapid and scalable results

Biodiversity projects that previously took years can now be done in months, with higher than ever integrity and scientific robustness

Biodiversity accounting

Our approach reconciles scientific robustness and implementation feasibility

Advanced processes and software solutions

Designed to facilitate data traceability and auditing

Suite of biodiversity metrics  

Aligning with established and emerging industry reporting frameworks and standards for biodiversity accounting


Commitment to working in collaboration with other service providers and key stakeholders


Respecting people, local communities and best social practice

The tools we provide

Digital field assistant

Knowing when and where your sensors were deployed is essential for advanced biodiversity analytics. Okala's QR code-enabled Sense mobile application supports the deployment and management of wildlife cameras, bioacoustic sensors and eDNA sampling in the most remote landscapes.

Rapid, robust analytics

Our AI-led, expert verified analytics service delivers high quality data in a matter of days. Our clients reduce their biodiversity reporting times from years to weeks.

Biodiversity dashboard

We transform your raw data into scientific insights ranging from simple species lists to complex measures of diversity and abundance. Our dashboard provides a window into your ecosystem, and your data can be verified by third parties for audit, certification and natural capital valuation.

Our track record

Wildlife cameras
Bioacoustic sensors
eDNA sampling stations
> 1 million
Hectares monitored
Terabytes of data
Species identified

Metrics for confidence

Going beyond the minimum

"We collect the right data to provide robust biodiversity measurement, reporting and verification. Importantly, our approach future-proofs against shifts in certification standards."

Dr Stuart Auld, Senior Scientist & Business Developer

Our team

Okala is a diverse team of scientists, engineers, nature markets and field experts. We have decades of combined experience in developing and deploying technologies to support conservation action.

Dr Robin Whytock
CEO & Head of Science

Leads global strategy, scientific research and product development

Charles Trouvé
Head of Operations - Africa

Overall lead of operations
in Africa

Dr Stuart Auld
Senior Scientist & Business Developer

Leads science-driven business development and metrics for investment

Dr Jeremy Cusack
Senior Biodiversity Monitoring Scientist

Designs biodiversity MRV strategies and metric development

Johanna McQuade
Assistant Ecologist

Supervises and supports data quality assurance and product development

Dr David Lehmann
Senior Conservation Scientist

Develops conservation tourism and leads scientific research projects

Jennifer Ello
Social Development Supervisor - Gabon

Develops relationships and activities with local communities

Dr Adam Varley
Senior Data Scientist

Leads AI analytics strategy

Róisín Bonucchi
Project & Office Manager

Manages international projects and the UK office

Tobias Casey
Front End Developer

Develops software solutions and builds applications

Yannick Fouty
Field Operations Manager - Gabon

Manages fieldwork operations and data acquisition

Dr Amrita Lamba
Senior Natural Capital & Governance Scientist

Leads research into equitable sharing of resources and natural asset governance

Cristobal Salamé
Assistant Ecologist

Supports data quality assurance and data science development